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"If you’ve ever had a puppy destroy 5 pairs of shoes, then Alex is your guy.
In particular heels - high heels or boot heels.
American Heelers makes it so easy.
They send you a prepaid bag in the mail, just put your shoes in and seal and drop in any mail box, which is super convenient if you work full time like me.
The customer service is great and they respond to e-mails super quick.
When your shoes are ready, they mail them back expertly repaired and good as new.
Even if you don’t have puppy-damaged shoes, American Heelers is great for all types of shoe repairs. Which reminds me, I have another pair of shoes to send in!"

Jessica Novak
Concord Township, OH
“Thank you. I have received my shoes. I am very pleased with the shoe repair.”

Vera Madlinger
Tallahassee, FL
“Just to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with the work done on my favorite boots. They are..literally...like new and over 15 years old! Thanks SO much for the boot repair!!”

Adrienne Hitchcock
Cambridgeport, VT
“Thank you so much for such a nice job and quick delivery, Alex. Wish you well, hope you have a good holiday.”

Tatiana Coapman
Dunnellon, FL
“Thank you for always doing a good job and taking care of your customers so well, I hope your business continues to grow and that you and yours will prosper.”

Patrick Craig
Austin, TX
“I would just like to thank whom ever repaired my shoes. They did excellent, excellent work. I thought I had waited too long and ran the soles so far down that the shoes would have to be thrown away. Then American Heelers came along and made them like new again. I had these shoes at least 15 years and hated the thought of throwing them away, and now I won't have to. Thanks again for a job very well done.”

James Hartig
Adams, WI
“Dear American Heelers:
I want to thank you!! I was unable to find anyone in my area that would replace the heels on a good pair of my shoes. Your service was incredibly easy, the workmanship was impeccable, and the cost extremely reasonable! If no one has told you yet today. . . you are awesome! Thanks again.”

Cyndy Rastovski
Demotte, IN
“Alex, Just thought I'd let you know that I received my boots today and have already walked a mile and a half in them. The soles you chose for the boots are just the ticket and will work well for this winter as well. Thanks for the great service. You are welcome to count me as a satisfied customer and use me as a reference any time. All the best to your shoe repair operation.”

Jeff Wilde
Harrison, MI
“You guys do great resole jobs. All future shoe repair jobs will go to you, no doubt.”

Louis Landry
New York, NY
“I've been telling everyone about you! We absolutely love your shoe repair service. And you can use our name as a reference whenever you wish.”

Jan Hippe
Hartland, MI
“Dear Alex,
I got my favorite pair of shoes back today and they are lovely!
Peace and good things.”

Gerry Twomey
Uniondale, NY
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for putting the zippers in my English riding boots... they look and work GREAT. Can’t wait to use them, and to use your services again! Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Thank you again!”

Amy Ferguson
Findlay, OH
“My shoes returned a few days ago. I removed them from the packaging and found myself impressed. Immediately, the superior quality and fit of the materials was evident. Further inspection revealed workmanship and techniques found only in the better cobbler shops of days gone by- old school at it’s best. Both materials and workmanship were much better than the original construction (and these were pretty good shoes from the outset). I remained impressed all the way through a good spit-shine. Job well done gang.”

Alan Casson
Somerset, KY

Art Thivierge
Signal Mountain, TN
“Alex, I appreciate the job you did on the Pikolinos. I hope the fix will work for the long term. I didn’t expect the polish you all did on them, so thanks, and I know there was a paint spot too that you all removed and I couldn’t tell where it had been. Thanks. Now you have my boot business.”

Michael S. McNair
Fairview, NC
“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my shoes and I very happy. I have been telling everyone about you. I live about two hours north of NYC and use to work in NYC. It was a pain to try to remember to bring my shoes into the city for repair and there is no one around here that does a good job. THANK YOU!!”

Abigail Smith
Scottville, NY
“Thanks Alex! You did wonderful job on the shoes. We have more coming. I've told my family and others. They are preparing to contact you as well. Thanks so much for being there.”

Charlie Taylor
San Antonio, TX
“I used your services for the first time in Sept. 2008 and ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE RESULTS! I would like to "build up" the sole on another pair of boots so I can use them for riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle as well. Basically, I'd like you to remove the sole and add the "build up", so that in total the heel will be about 2 1/2" and the toe part 1 1/2". Please send me a mail envelope! Thanks so much”

Colette Haywood
Littleton, NH
“Your repair was fabulous on my pair of Timberland chukkas and my Rockport boat shoes”

Bernie Munk
New York, NY
“Just a note to let you know the boots you repaired-- rebuilt-- arrived in the mail today and they gorgeous... Thanks for doing a good job on them- I expect to get another 10 years out of them now”

William Payne
Three Oaks, MI
“I want to thank you for doing such a great job on my boots and shoes. They looked like brand new! I never was able to keep them looking that good when I was in the Air Force.”

Greg Martino
Du Bois, PA
“I am sure you hear this all of the time, WOW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just to let you know, the boots I sent you were in service since 2001. I have not had time or found it convenient enough for me to get my favorite boots repaired. Then I found your web site! I got my Danner Acadia boots back looking brand new! I had everyone in the department almost excited as I was to see how well they would turn out. Even my wife, she would not let me open the box until she got home from work. To my surprise my boots are as good as new. I was so worried I would have to toss them. BUT WOW!! VERY NICE!! I will be recommending you guys as much as possible! Great shoe repair work”

LT. David A. Fischer
Blaine, MN
“Alexander, I haven't had a chance to thank you for your wonderful orthopedic shoe service. Having shoes I can walk in without pain has been a true God send. I have recommended your service to other hip replacement surgery patients, my doctor's office and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS). Your services were top quality (no one can tell but me!), outstanding price, quick and complete. You will definitely be hearing from me again. Thank you so much!”

Elizabeth Krenik
Garland, TX
“I think you are offering a wonderful shoe repair service and I would be happy to recommend your work. Best wishes for every success.”

Patricia Otis
Savannah, GA
“"Ilya Romanov does a fantastic job - always friendly and reliable. I highly recommend American Heelers as a service provider - I have used Ilya's service for over a year and am always pleased with the exceptional quality of the shoe repair service provided."

Saskia Baur
Santa Cruz, CA
"American Heelers is a reliable alternative to your neighborhood shoe repair guy. The quality of workmanship is high, and the turnaround is FAST. Actually a "better mouse trap"! Someone should have thought of this years ago."

Steve Batty
Diamond Bar, CA
“"I sent in two pairs of shoes which was made very easy by the prepaid packet sent to me, and they were returned promptly. This is the first shop I have ever found that could lower the heels on shoes that were too high...I am very happy with American Heelers!"

Linda Pierce
Jamestown, NY
"The knowledge of his craft was key, and I found the ability to work with him on the web to be helpful for my schedule."

Mike Casile
Raleigh, NC
"I was extremely pleased and delighted with the service from American Heelers Inc. The online "mail order" shoe repair service exceeded my expectations. Ilya is on to a great concept. I will certainly use his service again, and recommend him to others. He exemplifies what entrepreneurship is all about."

Marnie Minnich
Ann Arbor, MI
"A true craftsman! Rare these days."

Brad Castellano
Atlanta, GA
"I strongly recommend American Heelers to everyone that wears shoes. ;) Not only they have done a perfect repair, my shoes came back with extra cleaning and such. These people are real professionals!"

May Horimoto
Santa Clara, CA


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