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American Heelers is a full service shoe, leather, and luggage repair company
with customers across all the United States and Canada.

• We service a wide spectrum of customers ranging from students to young professionals to executives to retailers and manufacturers of footwear and accessories.

• American Heelers employees are professionally trained and are the best in the business. The art of repairing shoes is a craft that has been disappearing all over the globe. This is mainly due to the popularization of cheap mass produced footwear which people discard after a short use. We are proud to service the men and woman who take pride in their shoes and want to maintain excellence through repair and rejuvenation.

American Heelers strives to:

• Service you where it is most convenient
• Provide the best service in the industry
• Return your belongings to you within 4 business days upon receipt.

American Heelers

27309 Chagrin Blvd.
Woodmere, Ohio 44122

1.888.4 HEELER (443-3537)